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Why is not it proper to delay breaking the fast?

Is it permissible to delay breaking the fast? What is the importance of breaking the fast on time? 8.12.2011 17:41

What are the pillars of fasting?

what are the pillars of fasting according to four schools of thought? 8.11.2011 17:44

When Should We Start Fasting for Ramadan?

When should I start to fast before Ramadan? Can I welcome Ramadan by fasting three days before? 8.7.2011 14:09

Fasting in Dhul Hijjah

What is the importance of fasting in the first 10 days of the month Dhul Hijjah? 11.10.2010 21:31

Does the Use of Moisturisers or Creams Break the Fast?

Is the use of moisturizers or creams during Ramadan appropriate? Does it break or harm the fast? 9.26.2010 09:30

Why Should I Get up for Sahur (last portion of the night)?

What happens if I wish to fast without doing sahur? Is there any loss? 8.28.2010 02:31

What does “Ramadan” mean?

What does “Ramadan” mean? Why is the holy month of Muslims, Ramadan, called so? 7.9.2013 14:07

What Are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Can you give brief information about the five pillars of Islam? 12.11.2012 12:36

What does "fasting" (sawm) mean?

What does "sawm" mean in Arabic? 7.9.2013 14:17

Who is exempt from fasting?

Which people are exempted from fasting in Ramadan? What are the conditions to be exempted from fasting in Ramadan? What are the valid excuses for abandoning fast of Ramadan? 8.1.2012 01:06

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