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Importance, Reward and Benefits of Hajj

What is the importance of Hajj? Why do Muslims go to Hajj? Hajj is an obligatory duty for Muslims which bear numerous personal, social, educational, moral and economic benefits.   2.27.2013 11:03

Is there a certain age to go to Hajj?

Should we hurry to perform Hajj or should we wait for older ages? Many people wait for older ages to perform this duty, is it a condition? 2.20.2013 11:23

What are the evidences of Hajj being obligatory?

Is Hajj an obligation? What are the evidences for that? 11.1.2012 12:14

What is the ruling of Hajj in Islam?

The worship of Hajj is fard (obligatory) for each Muslim who can afford 7.11.2012 17:14

Hajj is getting to know the Prophet and His Companions closely

Does the Hajj worship helo Muslims to learn more about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? 1.12.2012 15:57

I missed throwing pebbles, is my hajj valid?

I performed hajj this year , but I had to return home on the 12th of Dhul Hijjah. because of my health problems. So I could throw pebbles on 10th and 11th of Dhul Hijjah but missed 12th Dhul Hijjah pebbles. I want to know is my hajj valid? 1.2.2012 00:39

What are the conditions of Hajj?

Who is obliged to perform Hajj? What are the conditions to be obliged to perform Hajj? 10.19.2011 10:56

Is Crescent the Symbol of Islam?

Is there any relation between crescent (hilal) symbol and Islam? Why is there crescent symbol over the domes of masjids and on the flags of Islamic states? 3.31.2011 00:50

What Are The Five Pillars of Islam?

3.23.2011 23:50

I Couldn't Stay at Mina After 10 Dhulhijjah, Is my Hajj Authentic?

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb Sir I performed hajj in 2009 but I could not throw pebbles on 11th and 12th Zill Hajj and returned back to home at 10 Zilhajj Night I throwed 21 pebbles only on Big Devil not others then I came to Haram after sacrifice and Tawaf I went to home I want to know is my Hajj valid? Because I missed 2 small Devils and not stayed in Mina after 10 Zilhajj. 4.28.2010 07:51

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