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Is Shafa’ah (Intercession) Right?

Shafa’ah means our Prophet’s making dua for His Ummah and His request to Allah (swt) so that His Ummah is forgiven in the Day of Judgment. 2.26.2012 11:47

Can we ask people of grave for intercession for our prays to be accepted?

It is our belief that Prophets (pbua) and the friends of Allah (swt) are alive in their blessed graves, listening and answering salutations of visitors. My question is that if a person addresses the occupants of the blessed grave, while visiting their grave, to pray to Allah (swt) on behalf of the visitor to fulfill his needs, is there anything wrong in doing so? 1.11.2012 21:56

Kalima-I Shahadah Is a Means of Intercession

3.24.2011 23:22


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