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What if a person breaks his Ramadan fast deliberately for a few times?

If a person breaks his Ramadan fast deliberately for a few times, is he required to pay kaffarah for a few times? 7.29.2012 02:27

What is “kaffarah for fasting”?

What is “kaffarah for fasting”? How and when is it paid? 7.29.2012 02:37

Why is kaffarah of Ramadan fasting 61 days?

In Ramadan, if a Muslim breaks his fast intentionally, he has to offer expiation (kaffarah) of 61 days fasting. Why is it 61, but not 30, 60 or any other? 7.22.2012 00:18

Is it Enough for a Person to Compensate the Fast Later, If It is Broken for Some Reason?

When something that may spoil or break the fast happens, is Kafarah is required? Or is it just enough to compensate the fast at a later time? 9.3.2010 01:08


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