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Is it permissible to speak during khutba?

Referring to the question, How about some casual contribution or comments during this Jum'ah khutbah as some just raise their voice to utter to the imam something in addition or as a note to what he is saying simultaneously- the way one would do during an ordinary lecture? 11.1.2011 11:34

Is It Permissible to Ask Imam a Question During Khutbah?

Is it permissible to ask Imam a question concerning his Jum'ah khutbah while he is delivering khutbah(sermon)? 8.5.2011 18:25

From the Beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Ramadan Sermon (Khutba)

To hear the significance of Ramadan from the Beloved Prophet (pbuh)... 8.27.2010 23:53


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