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2.26.2011 22:33

Is Abortion Permissible?

If it could be detrimental for a woman’s health condition to have a baby, would it be a sin for her to have an abortion if she got pregnant? Also what about in the case of rape or incest? Is it ever acceptable to have an abortion? 2.5.2011 04:21

What is Religion?

What is religion? Why does man need religion? 2.1.2011 02:44

The Beautiful Aspect of Death

It is said that Alalh has made everything He has created good. Then, what kind of a beauty is there in dearth which hurts hearts with the sorrow of separation? 11.26.2010 00:20

What is soul?

What is soul? Is soul the same as life? What's soul like? 10.15.2010 22:31

Does Soul Leave the Body During Sleep?

While the soul is in the body, the body is alive, when it leaves the body it dies. Since the soul leaves the body during the sleep, does man have two souls? 6.20.2010 16:22


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