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Can a menstruating woman cut her nails or hair?

Is it permissible to cut nails or hair during menstruation? 2.27.2013 16:34

Does spotting caused by IUD break fast?

I have the IUD with the hormone means I don’t have my period only spots varies from little to good amount from dark brown to bloody. Should I consider this period or sickness blood? Should I fast in this situation? 8.4.2012 00:57

Is Abortion Permissible?

If it could be detrimental for a woman’s health condition to have a baby, would it be a sin for her to have an abortion if she got pregnant? Also what about in the case of rape or incest? Is it ever acceptable to have an abortion? 2.5.2011 04:21

Can Women Recite Qur’an During their Menstruations?

Can we recite some surah such as Fatiha, Ikhlas during our menstruation? Can dua ayahs be recited with the intention of making dua? 2.3.2011 15:20

Is It Permissible to Use Period-Delaying Pills?

Is it permissible to use period-delaying pills in order to fast fully during the Ramadan month? 6.4.2011 00:38


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