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Despite the Progress of Civilization Why is There a Decline in Human Morality?

We see a serious decline in individual’s morals despite the progress of humanity in science and civilization. People have lost their trust in each other. What is the reason for this? 7.2.2010 12:21

The Most Generous Human Being: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Narrated by Anas: "The Prophet was the best, the bravest and the most generous of all the people." (Bukhari, Book 4, Hadith 74 ) 6.10.2010 08:24

How Should a Person Behave Towards Those Who Backbite Near Him/Her?

If a person is in an environment where other people are backbiting or somebody is trying to backbite with him, how should he/she behave? 3.24.2010 20:38


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