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The Source of the Hadith that Declares the Story of the Nafs’ Being Chastened

Could you please tell me where I can find the story of the nafs when Allah (swt) asked who it was and then burned and starved it to chasten? 6.21.2011 00:21

What Is “Nafs”?

What does "nafs" mean? 3.23.2010 00:15

Do Angels Have Wills?

Do angels have wills? Or do they accomplish their duties just because they have to? 10.28.2009 12:12

Wisdoms of Ramadan

Why does Allah want his servants to go hungry? Why do the Muslims fast? What are the benefits of fasting, an obligation during Ramadan for the Muslims, for the individuals and for the society? 8.2.2011 13:59


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