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tafseer of Surah al Najm satan free-will dark cutting hair during menstruation wujud importance of salah placing hands in salah Quran and western thinkers difference between quran and sunnah death six days fasting madhabs delaying zakat haj 15th of rajab Khaybar salaam fasting during long days worship in shaban meet Muhammad in jannah cleaning teeth while fasting ether ı am ı fasting in the moth of shawwal fair sharani qada prayer women belief in prophets mistake archangels niyyah for i’tikaf biology shia dress during salah make up witr prayer creed events in hijra hamala-i mumtasil four wives reincarnation in Quran thawab of tarawih zakat and debt process of fiqh celebrating the mawlid hadiths on sending blessings nur conditions of hajj ikhtiyari qadar addictive astronomy jama takheer makruhs of salah virtues of jummah kaaba asr hadith disobedience to parents meaning of fiqh follow makkah for iftar ask the deceased for help friday of ramadan history of fiqh song go to masjid against parents jewellery partner cleaning najasa before salah neutrino tasawwuf recommended acts of worship in ramadan rasul Prophet changed bad names kosovo manners of i’tikaf inheritance khorasan rabial awwal angel obligatory straightening the rows benefits of fasting akhirah fatrat prerequisites of prayer fasting under compulsion nawafile fast age of fard prayer slaughter intention lie pardon hadiths about worshipping on lailat al miraj repent shaban ejaculation due to thoughts during fast you are you laylat-ul qadr spirit why is quran arabic

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