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What about people who were born to irresponsible parents?

In Islam, parents are enjoined to be well-behaved and respected. What about the irresponsible parents who do not care for their children? Should children respect parents for all their irresponsibilities? 12.28.2011 23:17

Punishment of Reviling Parents

4.17.2011 23:15

Which Behaviors Are Disobedience Against Parents?

4.14.2011 00:17

If There is God, why Does He Let Babies Suffer?

If there is God, why can some kids be without parents? They have no sin; but they're having hard lives...If there is God, why does He permit something like that? 11.3.2010 11:41

Is a Person Obliged to Love His Parents Although They Live in Another City?

Dear Ask a Question to us Team,  I have a friend who have problems with his father and he asks this question: "Does a man have to love his parents although they live in another city?" 1.31.2010 00:20

If the Parents Order Haram, Does One Have the Right to Disobey Them?

If parents prevent obeying the orders of Allah (swt) or try to dissuade from Islam, how should one  behave in this case? 1.15.2010 20:32


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