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The Truth about Prophet Muhammad

Thus, we will try to give a true picture and show the human aspect of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), as much as is possible in such a brief article. 3.7.2013 16:09

How Old Was Prophet Muhammad When He Started Salah?

When did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) start to perform salah? 2.12.2011 20:12

Celebrating the Mawlid al-Nabi

Is it permissible to celebrate the Mawlid al Nabi (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh))? 2.9.2011 23:26

What does “Ashura" Mean?

What is "ashura"? What is the importance of "the Day of Ashura"? 1.12.2012 14:20

Questions on Miraj

Explanation about "Miraj" Miracle in Ten Questions 9.30.2010 14:29

What Are the Evidences of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Being True (Haq) Prophet?

How can we prove that our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) is the true (haq) prophet? 12.16.2010 00:07


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