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Were followers of Pharaoh sent a prophet?

Did disbelievers like Pharaoh in the Quran know that he was going to hell? If he did, why didn't he become good? Why did people follow him even if they knew by doing so it will lead them to hell? 11.13.2011 20:49

What is the Reality of Miraj? What Should We Understand Mentioning the Miraj Concept?

What is the reality of Miraj? What should we understand mentioning the Miraj concept? 8.26.2010 02:11

What Is the “Qur’an”?

What is the Qur'an and what is the definition of it? 8.26.2009 15:18

Why Was Prophet Muhammad Sent As the Last Prophet?

Why was the Prophet Muhammad sent as the last prophet but not the first one? 1.18.2013 16:33

What is the Difference Between Nabi and Rasul?

Is there any distinction between Nabi and Rasul? If so, what is it? 7.23.2010 19:10

What Are the Duties of the Prophets?

For which purpose did Allah (swt) send the Prophets for the humankind? 7.31.2009 12:35

The Duties of the Prophets

For which mission did Allah (swt) send the prophets? 7.31.2009 12:40


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