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Why Does Islam Want me to Believe in Fate?

How do we know that “belief in qadar” is one of the pillars of faith? Is it mentioned in the Quran? 12.26.2012 22:41

What is "Divine Determining"?

Divine determining is also known as qadar (as an Islamic term), destiny or fate. And the key concept to understand "qadar"is "pre-eternity". 12.26.2012 11:02

Is Destiny Fixed?

Is destiny (qadar) already pre-determined? If yes, can’t we change our future mistakes with our acts, precautions or prayers (dua)? Is destiny fixed? 12.25.2012 20:25

Believe in Faith or Free-will?

“If human is free, then how divine determining is compatible with it?” “Is human the creator of his own actions or is he just a leaf on the wind?” 9.30.2011 15:02

Is Man Doomed to his Destiny?

Allah gave the human beings a “will” that is free to make their own choices; differentiating and choosing the good or the bad.  If the human beings were doomed to their destiny, “free-will” would not be given to them. 8.12.2009 17:48

If Being Sinner Is in my Destiny, Why the Guilty Is me?

If being sinner is written in my destiny by Allah, then why does He hold me responsible for my sins? 4.19.2011 21:53

Marriage and Destiny

Does man choose his spouse with his free will or does Allah predetermine his choice? Is the choise of spouse predestined? 10.20.2010 10:45

Is Marriage of Destiny?

Does man choose his spouse with his will or is it predetermined by Allah? 1.8.2011 23:39

Is Euthanasia Permissible?

Is euthanasia permissible? Is euthanasia considered suicide? Do people committing suicide go to hell?   4.6.2010 13:24

Does Free-will Effect Death?

How much is the effect of human will on death? What is the share of destiny on our death time? 1.19.2011 20:13

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