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What Was the Religion of Muhammad Before Islam?

Before Blessed Muhammad (pbuh) became a prophet of Islam, what had his religion been? 2.15.2011 15:08

Why Has God Sent down More Than One Divine Religion?

Does the humankind need more than one religion? Wouldn't be one religion enough? 2.5.2011 02:03

What is Religion?

What is religion? Why does man need religion? 2.1.2011 02:44

Is Organ Transplantation Permissible?

Is organ transplantation permissible? 6.4.2011 00:41

What Would Happen If There Were No Religion?

We can understand the existence of a Creator when we look at the universe. Well then, why is the "religion" necessary? Is not it possible that religion is a kind of exploiting of people? 10.6.2009 12:01


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