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Question about Sin and Repentance

I have a question ,I don't remember whether I've commited a sin or not what should I do? Should I think I have done it? 4.3.2013 13:42

How to make tawba?

What are the essentials of repentance (tawbah) that we should consider to be accepted?  What are the conditions for an accepted tawbah? 10.8.2012 14:22

What is istighfar? What is its importance in Islam?

What does istighfar mean? What are the virtues of istighfar? 9.27.2012 11:04

What are the Specialities of the Month Rajab?

Can you explain what makes the month Rajab special? Why is it important? 6.14.2011 11:57

Do Those Who Die While Intoxicated Lose Their Faith?

If a Muslim who drinks alcohol die before repentance, will he be able to get into the jannah? 2.10.2011 23:44

Despair: The Harshest Weapon of Shaytan

Despair and arrogance are two traps of shaytan to hinder man from tawba and dua 10.26.2010 00:29

Importance of Tawba

Could you give some information about the importance of tawba? 10.25.2010 23:29

Is Sin an Obstacle to Dua?

Are the prayers of sinners acceptable? 12.10.2010 00:34


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