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son of god mustahabb stop talking for three days dua for birth pain hadith about name meaning of salam guest allah created adam in his image innovation nafila fast covenant value of ramadan commit evil importance of salam the difference of sunnah ruling hisab dolls in islam moisturiser during fast signs of muhammad in bible cure for masturbation how to overcome sexual desire praying in ramadan boy girl relationship on phone magnificence operation ill person's fasting Allah watches us zakat and solidarity catastrophe nur prophet's month rabial awwal fish forbidden women for marriage tayammum bida appoint responsibilites of parents belief in destiny muslim make up during fast namaz gabriel bosnia hafaza wali jewellery addiction attributes brother alignment of the heels to straighten the rows recommended acts of worship in ramadan zakat for the money on deposit to endure the difficulties of long fasting belief in qadar prove dua for guidance waswasa after salah heritage waswas dua for easy delivery injection during fast Islam's view on women sirat bridge sperm people in jannah night of power scale purpose of zakat proofs of muhammad in bible nativity play is destiny fixed fasting importance of praying at dawn best way to spend Ramadan ukhuwwah in Islam death confidant with nonmuslims tahlil face tawba 60 male hairdresser nabiyah ibad-i musabbih istinshaq illness during ramadan fast period-delaying nafs virtue of shaban reference to muhammad in bible consept of allah the month of trouble mustahab naseehah amount of nisab placing hands in salah absolute nothingness salutation during khutba jiin

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