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Question about Sin and Repentance

I have a question ,I don't remember whether I've commited a sin or not what should I do? Should I think I have done it? 4.3.2013 13:42

What Are The Worst Major Sins?

4.14.2011 00:19

Do we gain thawab for the sins we abandon?

If we do something inherently right (ie. be truthful in a scenario where it may be difficult), is it recorded as a good deed or simply "not a sin"? 3.3.2011 12:19

What Are The Major Good Deeds?

We all seem to know what the major sins are, but we don't know what the equivalent good deeds are. What would be the major good deeds? 3.2.2011 23:43

Is Botox Permissible?

Is it permissible to use botox and opening business places for botox? 2.2.2011 09:40

Despair: The Harshest Weapon of Shaytan

Despair and arrogance are two traps of shaytan to hinder man from tawba and dua 10.26.2010 00:29

Importance of Tawba

Could you give some information about the importance of tawba? 10.25.2010 23:29

Is Sin an Obstacle to Dua?

Are the prayers of sinners acceptable? 12.10.2010 00:34

What does “sin” mean? Why do people commit sin?

What does "sin" mean? Why does God create sins that lead people to the hell? 9.21.2010 16:49

Do prophets commit sin?

1.29.2011 00:26

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