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The Reality of Reincarnation?

I light of the fact that the reincarnation case has been so thoroughly studied by scientists and people bent on proving it a fraud, with none of them able to come up with any theory to explain her reincarnation, how can I just blindly keep on believing that reincarnation is a myth? So many cases have been documented. Please provide me with an analytic reason as to why that case is a fraud... really I just want to get that thing out of my mind... but I can't 10.20.2011 16:33

Does Soul Get Worse?

Does soul have any levels? Can it improve and deteriorate? 2.6.2011 23:43

Is Abortion Permissible?

If it could be detrimental for a woman’s health condition to have a baby, would it be a sin for her to have an abortion if she got pregnant? Also what about in the case of rape or incest? Is it ever acceptable to have an abortion? 2.5.2011 04:21

What is “evil-commanding soul”?

What is evil-commanding soul? Could you explain its features? 1.20.2011 19:18

What is soul?

What is soul? Is soul the same as life? What's soul like? 10.15.2010 22:31

Did All Souls Prostrate Allah?

It's reported that, in the realm of souls some of the souls prostrated Allah while some didn't. Is it true? Were souls subjected to a test  before coming into this world and some became rebellious while the others were obedient? 5.5.2011 20:45

Does Soul Leave the Body During Sleep?

While the soul is in the body, the body is alive, when it leaves the body it dies. Since the soul leaves the body during the sleep, does man have two souls? 6.20.2010 16:22

Does Soul Have Any weight?

Does soul have any weight? Can the human body loosing 21 grams after death be related to the weight of soul? 5.30.2010 16:19

What Is “Nafs”?

What does "nafs" mean? 3.23.2010 00:15

The Destination of the Souls

What is the destination of the souls? When a person dies, where does his soul go? 1.13.2011 23:15

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