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Does ejaculation due to lustful thoughts break fast?

Today suddenly erotic thoughts came to me and I had an erection. Then little bit of mazi came out. Is my fast broken? 8.6.2012 19:03

Does ejaculation without sexual intercourse break fast?

If ejaculation of semen occurs as a result of foreplay activities with wife during fasting in Ramadan, is fast invalidated? What is the penalty for that? 8.1.2012 04:39

Does getting blood drawn break the fast?

Does getting blood drawn invalidate the fast in Ramadan? 8.23.2011 17:38

Is It Permissible for a Fasting Person to Use Miswak or Toothpaste?

Can we clean teeth with miswak or toothbrush while fasting? When should we use the miswak within day if it doesn’t invalidate the fast? 8.5.2011 15:54

Does the Use of Moisturisers or Creams Break the Fast?

Is the use of moisturizers or creams during Ramadan appropriate? Does it break or harm the fast? 9.26.2010 09:30


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