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Does it Spoil the Salah if Someone Hears the Verses You Recite in Salah?

Does it Spoil the Salah if someone next to you Hears the verses you recite in salah? 9.16.2010 03:19

Abrogation of Some of the Ayahs

It seems there are three types of abrogations. 1. Verses which were abrogated, but the orders in them are still practiced e.g., stoning an adulterer. 2. Verses which were not abrogated from the Quran, but the orders in them were abrogated e.g., drinking. 3. Verses which were removed from the Quran; the orders given in them were also abrogated e.g. confining the accused (of adultery) woman at home. The second type is easily understood. The first and third are not. Allah can't make a mistake. Why were verses abrogated or orders removed? 8.20.2010 03:10

How Was the Order of the Chapters (Surahs) and Verses (Ayahs) in the Quran Determined?

  How, when and by whom was the order of the chapters and verses in the Quran determined? 7.1.2010 09:54

Quran Addresses Everybody

How does Quran address everybody? 2.24.2010 00:05

Has Quran Been Distorted?

Is not it possible that Quran has been distorted like the other revealed books? 8.12.2009 23:04

Has the Quran Been Distorted?

Is not it possible that the Quran has been distorted like the other revealed books? 7.7.2009 02:40


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