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What Can Recite Those Who Don’t Know Qunut Duas?

What should recite in the third rakah of witr wajib prayer who don’t know qunut duas? 9.30.2010 10:05

Does it Spoil the Salah if Someone Hears the Verses You Recite in Salah?

Does it Spoil the Salah if someone next to you Hears the verses you recite in salah? 9.16.2010 03:19

I Couldn't Stay at Mina After 10 Dhulhijjah, Is my Hajj Authentic?

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb Sir I performed hajj in 2009 but I could not throw pebbles on 11th and 12th Zill Hajj and returned back to home at 10 Zilhajj Night I throwed 21 pebbles only on Big Devil not others then I came to Haram after sacrifice and Tawaf I went to home I want to know is my Hajj valid? Because I missed 2 small Devils and not stayed in Mina after 10 Zilhajj. 4.28.2010 07:51


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