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Is Dua Worship?

Is dua (supplication) worship? Is there any reward or fine in return for our good and bad duas? 1.3.2013 10:42

I have a pure heart, so I don’t have to perform worship?

Why do I need to perform worship? Isn’t it enough to have a pure heart to be a good servant to God? How should we answer people who assume worship unnecessary saying “The important thing is to have pure heart, I don’t have to worship”? 11.2.2012 17:24

Must We Repeat Our Ibadah After Finding out It Was Not Done properly?

Must we repeat our ibadah (praying and fasting) after finding out it was not done properly? 9.16.2012 16:00

What Should We Do in the Month of Shaban?

Which worships should we perform to welcome the month of Shaban? 7.11.2012 13:49

What are the Specialities of the Month Rajab?

Can you explain what makes the month Rajab special? Why is it important? 6.14.2011 11:57

What Are the Sunnahs of the Feast of Sacrifice?

4.20.2011 17:09

What Can We Do in Order to Guard Against Evil?

Which prays should we recite to guard against evil? 4.4.2011 23:49

What Are the Sunnahs of Eid?

Which sunnahs should we practice on eid day? 3.11.2011 23:12

Can We Perform Kadaa (Missed) Prayers instead of Sunnah Prayers?

Is it better to prayer kada (missed) prayers instead of sunnah prayers for a person who has so many missed prayers? 2.4.2011 00:27

What is the Importance of Muharram?

Why is the month Muharram so important? 12.29.2010 23:21

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