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Long- term Debts and Zakat

I have long-term debt. Should I deduct it from my property? 9.7.2012 03:45

Can I send my zakat to other countries?

Looking for some guidelines/advise on where to pay zakat. Is it advisable to pay zakat where you live (eg is it advisable for PERSONS LIKE MY SISTERS to pay Zakat in Canada, if yes, then does it have to be given to help Muslims only) or can you send it to any other place in the world to help and nurture less fortunate Muslims. Please advise with some reference from Quran/hadees. 9.4.2012 21:53

Who is Eligible to Receive Zakat?

It is important to give zakat to those who are eligible to receive it. The recipients of the zakat are the following eight groups mentioned in the 60th ayah of Surah al Tawba: 9.3.2012 15:15

Can I pay my zakat for a masjid building?

Can i give zakat for mashjid building development? 9.5.2012 16:46

Can I give my zakat to a Muslim friend who is in need of money for his marriage?

Can Zakat be given to a muslim friend who is getting married and who is need of money for his marriage? Kindly advise 9.4.2012 17:50

What is the process to pay zakat on shares as the price flactuates?

What is the process to pay zakat on shares as the price flactuates all the time? 8.10.2012 02:56

Should I Pay Zakat for the Money that is on Fixed Deposit?

Do i have to pay zakat on fixed deposit which just matured one month before and i just reinvest the money for fixed deposit? 8.11.2012 02:21

Should I Pay Zakat for my Commited Savings?

My wife has joined college. I'm not taking loan to pay her fee. I have substantial savings which I'm planning to use for her education. All my savings will be used for paying her fees in next 3 years. I would actually end us paying some loan too. Do I have to pay zakat on this saved money which I have committed for my wife's education (knowing that it will be less than total tuition and I'll end up getting some loan) 8.8.2012 17:13

Zakat on Gold Reserved for My Brothers and Sister Marriage

I have 200 gram of Gold that I reserved for the marriage of my two brothers and one sister (equally divided among them). I placed this in a bank locker and has no intention to use it for myself and intend that this is now my brothers and sister money. In the final calculation of my yearly zakat should I include this gold as my total wealth? Thanking in advance and may Allah bless you... 9.10.2012 15:34

Is it fard to pay zakat for loan?

Do I have to pay zakat on the money that someone has borrowed from me? 12.29.2011 12:39

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