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Is It Permissible to Give Zakat-al Fitr to a Non-Muslim?

Is it obligatory to give zakat-al fitr to poor Muslims? 8.24.2011 05:09

Can zakat al fitr be given to poor parents and children?

Can a Muslim give zakat al fitr to his poor wife, parents and son? 8.18.2011 01:21

Is it wajib (obligatory) for a person who is not able to fast in Ramadan to give zakat al fitr?

Is it wajib (obligatory) to give sadaqah-al fitr for the people who are not able to fast because of some excuses in Ramadan? 8.11.2011 05:19

Who Are Entitled to Receive Zakat al Fitr?

Can we give zakat al fitr to a person in the prison? 2.27.2011 23:18


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