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 Dua for Waswasa

While I’m performing wudu for fajr prayer, I feel some presence in dark behind me. Even after salah when I switch the lights off, I feel the same way. Can you explain why this happens? Is there any dua that I can say for help?


Dear sister,

Regarding your explanations in your question, as far as we are concerned, your situation is a kind of “waswasa”. You feel a presence behind you although there is not, you experience it when you get up for salah and you feel it when you are alone. These usually come out of waswasa which is really easy for you to get rid of by the help of Allah (swt) inshallah. Just relax, be strong, trust Allah (swt) and try to apply the following solutions believing in the help of Allah (swt).

What Does Waswasa Mean?

Waswasa means suspicion, delusion, misgiving. Baseless possibilities and literally means “sounds like whisper, rustle”. In this aspect; a secret word repeated and continuing endlessly in heart is called waswasa, misgivings and whispers of Satan.


Why does it happen?

  Waswasa is a trap of satan to tire Muslims of worship

“And say : “O my Master! I seek refuge in you from the misgivings (suggestions) of the satans. “O my Master! I seek refuge in you even from their being near me.” “ (Surah al Mu’minoon: 97-98)

 Whoever suffers from waswasa should seek refuge with Allah and turn away from the misgivings. Because waswasa comes from the shaytan, according to scholarly consensus, and shaytan has no other desire than to make the believers go astray, make them confused, make their life a misery, cause them distress to the extent that they leave worship and Islam. Waswasa is a trap of satan to exhaust the Muslims, tire them and discourage from worship.    


Solutions to Get Rid of Waswasa

 1. Never overrate the waswasa, Ignore it!

 Never exaggerate the misgiving and certainly ignore it. Man should not consider him in a big danger and should not panic. This kind of panic may harm him a lot. The only thing and best thing to do is to stop thinking on it and end it, because overrating increases the waswasa. Misgivings are similar to balloons. The more you blow, in other words, the more importance you give them, the more they expand. And the more you ignore them, the more they get smaller.


2.  Do not repeat the waswasa

An important point to get rid of misgiving and overcome satan’s trap is not to repeat it; because if they are repeated again and again, they will strengthen. Whereas the misgiving is just a weak whisper of satan, its being thought and repeated again and again will make it firm. Pay no attention to your assumptions and behave as if you do not feel any existence behind you.


3.  When you feel waswasa, relax yourself!

The great scholar Ahmad bin Abul Hawari said that: “I complained Soloman Darani about waswasa. He told me:” ıf you want your waswasa to end, whenever you feel it relax and comfort yourself; because when you are relieved waswasa removes. There is nothing more annoying satan than the happiness of a believer. Otherwise, if you feel waswasa and become upset, it will increase the waswasa and sorrow with you.” (Duas and Recitations)


4.  Duas to Recite

a. “And if a whisper from the devil reach thee (O Muhammad) then seek refuge in Allah. Lo! He is the Hearer, the Knower.” (Surah al Fussilat, 36)

Doubtlessly, the best way to seek refuge in Allah is to recite “Auzu Basmala”.


b. It is narrated to be a remedy for waswasa to recite the followig dua 7  times  in the morning and 7 times in the evening  for at least 3 days and 7 at most.


c. Whosoever keeps reciting one of the following prayers, he will get rid of his waswasa biidhnillah:

“Allahümme leke'l-hamdü kellezî nekûlü ve hayran mim¬mâ nekûl. Allahümme leke salâtî ve nüsükî ve mah¬yâ¬ye ve memâtî ve ileyke meâbî ve leke türâsî. Allahüm¬me innî eûzü bike min azâbi'l-kabri ve vesveseti's-sadri ve şe¬tâti'l-emri. Allahümme innî eûzü bike min şerri mâ tecîü bihi'r-rîhu” (Zad al-Maad)


d. Scholars also stated that it is useful to recite the 97th and the 98th verses of surah al Muminun every morning.

e. To recite verses from Quran and Basmala also removes waswasa

 Whosoever recites Basmala a hundred times will be sure of the waswasa and evil of shaytan. (Duas)

f. Narrated Ibn Abbas that, “Who suffers waswasa will get rid of it if he repeats (the 3th verse of Surah al Hadid):

g. Shaytan backs away when he hears the recitation of “ لاالە الا اللە “    

One of the scholars said that it is mustahab for the person who suffers waswasa about wudu, salah or such acts to recite

; because of the fact that when shaytan hears this recitation, he backs away and departs.


h. Satan turns away and escapes when he hears Adhan

Imam Nawawi finds it proper to recite adhan in such situations referring to the following narration:

“Suhail reported that his father sent him to Banu Haritha along with a boy or a man. Someone called him by his name from an enclosure. He (thenarrator) said: The person with me looked towards the enclosure, but saw nothing. I made a mention of that to my father. He said: If I knew that you would meet such a situation I would have never sent you (there), but (bear in wind) whenever you hear such a call (from the evil spirits) pronounce the adhan. for I have heard Abu Huraira say that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upbn him) said: Whenever adhan is proclaimed, satan runs back vehemently.” (Muslim: Salat: 755)

We ask Allah to take away the waswasa that you are suffering and to increase us and you in faith, righteousness and piety. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Dua for Waswasa

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