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 The Significance of the 15th of Rajab

What is the significance of the day and the night of the 15th of the month Rajab?


The most beloved day to Allah (swt): the 15th of Rajab

According to a narration, when Prophet Adam (as) invoked as “O my Lord! Can you inform me of the most beloved of the days and the time to You?” Allah (swt) stated that:

“The most beloved of the days to Me is the 15th of Rajab. Whosoever wants to approach Me (spiritually) through fast, pray (salah) and alms and does perform worship, I’ll definitely give him whatever he wishes. If he asks for pardon, I’ll definitely forgive him.

O Adam! There is no reward other than jannah for the one who spends the 15th of Rajab keeping his chastity, giving alms, fasting and dhikr (remembrance of Allah).” (Nuzhat-ul  Majalis)

With regard to the vigil of the 15th night of Rajab, it is narrated that:

“The 15th night of Rajab is the night which Allah (swt) spoke with Moses (as) and raised Idris (as) to heaven. That night, Allah (swt) addresses the angels who are in charge of the slaves’ books of deeds: “Look at their books and erase all the existing sins and write rewards (thawabs) instead.” (Nuzhat-ul Majalis) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Significance of the 15th of Rajab


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