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 Are the Jinns Directed by the Devils?


Jinns, just like the human, are subjected to tests

“We said to the angels, "Bow down to Adam". They bowed down except Iblis (Devil). He was one of the
Jinns, and he broke the Command of his Lord.”
(Al Kahf 50)
First, satan improved his degree through worship, but then lost this position because of his rebellion against Allah.
There are kinds of jinns such as believers, infidels and hypocrites. The infidel jinns are called “satan” (devil), the ones who exist, indwell and migrate amongst the people are called “ummar”, the ones who bother the children are “arwaah”, the most powerful jinns that are in the group of “satans” are called “Ifrit”.
As well as the humanbeings, jinns are also in a test in this world. They also will be questioned of their deeds and will go to either paradise or hell in the hereafter. The ones who do good deeds will get into the paradise (jannah), the deniers and infidels and the unbelievers who die without belief will be sent to the hell to be punished.

Till Allah (swt) created Adam and made him the caliphate, there were prophets amongst the jinn to whom the jinn were dependent to

"O, community of jinns and people! Among you, didn't come prophets explaining My signs and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?" (Al-Anaam 130)
The Scholar Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı explains the prophethood from amongst the jinns as following:
“Allah (swt) created the jinns from the colorless, heatless and smokeless fire and called them “Maarij”. This is the father of the jinns. From him, Allah (swt) created his wife called “Maarijah”. As the result of this marriage, the community of jinns and their hundreds of tribes occurred. In time, the population of jinns increased and spread the land surface. Satan (devil) is one of them.
The essence appearance of the jinns is like humanbeings. But, due to their being luminous creatures, like angels, they can transform into different appearances. In time, the population of jinns so increased that, iblis (devil) took his offspring with him, ascended to the sky and indwelled there.
In old times, all the jinns used to worship Allah (swt) day and night and never rebelled against Him. Then, after 7000 years, ones who stayed on earth, started to abandon worship, commit sin, shed blood and many other perversities. Then, they murdered each prophet Allah sent them every century. Thus, they murdered totally 120 prophets in 12.000 years. (Marifetname)
Thereupon, Allah sent Iblis (devil) with an army of angels onto them. Iblis, with his army, murdered them and expelled the rest from the earth to the Sea Islands.
Afterwards, humanbeings were created and some of their prophets became the prophets of the jinn, as well. For instance, Prophet Solomon, Prophet Moses and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were sent both to the humanbeings and to the jinn.
“Verily, we are so that there are those of us who become Muslims and those of us who deviate (from the true path). Yet, whoever becomes Muslim, such are those that they have searched for the true path.”
“When it comes to those who deviate (from the true path), then they have become wood to Hell!”
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