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 Are All Jinns Evil?

Are there any good jinn? Or are all evil?


Like humans, there are both good and bad ones amongst the jinns

“Say (O Muhammad): It is revealed unto me that a company of the Jinn gave ear, and they said: Lo! we have heard a marvellous Qur'an, (Surah al-Jinn, 1)
And there are among us some who have surrendered (to Allah) and there are among us some who are unjust. And whoso hath surrendered to Allah, such have taken the right path purposefully.
And as for those who are unjust, they are firewood for hell.” (Surah al-Jinn, 14- 15)
Like the humans, jinns were also created to worship Allah (swt) and obey His orders and abstain from the prohibitions.
“I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.” (Surah al-Dhariyat, 56)
Even before the creation of mankind, many prophets were sent to the jinns from among them; however mostly, jinns have rebelled against them to such an extent that they have killed some of the prophets. “As Allah (swt) sent the jinns a prophet from among them every one hundred years, they killed the prophets and totally killed 120 prophets in 12.000 years.” (Ma’rifatnaama)
After that, mankind was created and some of the human prophets were also the prophets of the jinn. For instance, Prophet Solomon, Prophet Moses and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are some of the prophets that were sent both to mankind and the jinn.
According to the Muslim scholars, those jinns who have faith in the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and do good deeds are “the believer (Mumin) and good tempered jinns who will enter the jannah with the believers. Those evils who deny Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are the “infidel, bad tempered ones” who will go to the hell along with the infidels. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Are All Jinns Evil?

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