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 Prostration of Pharaoh

We know that corpse of Pharaoh was found in an incorrupt situation after 3000 years than his drowning in the Red Sea. Why did Allah let him die prostrated?


"But this day We save thee in thy body that thou mayst be a portent for those after thee. Lo! Most of mankind is heedless of Our portents." (Surat-u Yunus: 92)

Quran indicates that the corpse of Pharaoh who was drowned in the sea, would not decay, and would stay long for people to take admonition.
The corpse of Pharaoh was taken to the British Museum in the United Kingdom after it was found among the sands on a little hill which is on the cost of Red Sea by an English Research group when the Suez Canal was being opened. Though it has been 3 thousand years after the incident, the body of Pharaoh is in the form of Sajda and intact and shown in the famous British Museum in London. This intact corpse obviously shows the future of the ones who denies Allah, for this world and for the hereafter.
Of course, there is nothing impossible for the endless power of Our Lord (swt), however we should be aware of this miracle and try to draw lessons from it. We clearly observe in this miracle that Allah (swt) is the only Lord who deserves to be prostrated. He wants the disobedient people who do not believe and obey Him to hold this event as an example. He shows them that even Pharaoh, an extremely disbelieving and disobedient infidel prostrated in his last breath. Allah (swt) is the All Mighty who is able to make anyone prostrate Him. It is of His Power and Mercy to show such an example to humankind to invite them to obedience and worship. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Prostration of Pharaoh

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