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 What is the Period for Iddah (Waiting Period)?

Where Should the women stay during her iddah period?


Iddah means the waiting period for a woman after her husband dies or divorces. In this period she is prohibited to marry another man. Scholars differentiate the waiting periods of women who are divorced and whose husbands died. In ayahs, Divorcees are said to pass this period in their husband’s home and as to women whose husbands died, they are told to wait only “four months and ten days” without mentioning a place.
"Such of you as die and leave behind them wives, they (the wives) shall wait, keeping themselves apart, four months and ten days." (Surah Al-Baqara; 234)
Some scholars say that women pass their iddah (waiting period) wherever is appropriate for them for dwelling, accommodation and protection. (Bayhaki)
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