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 What Does “Tarawih” Mean?

What is the meaning of "tarawih"? Why is the salat spesific to Ramadan called so?


Tarawih/ Taraweeh” is a sunnah al muakkada prayer specific to Ramadan that is 20 rakahs.

“Tarawih” is an Arabic word that is the plural of the word “Tarweeha” which literally means “to rest”. The “tarawih prayer” is named so because a brief rest is taken after each four rakahs which constitute a “tarweeha”.  Five tarweeha make up a whole “tarawih prayer”.

Tarawih prayer is a sunnah of our Blessed Prophet (pbuh) that was also performed by the four caliphs after him. Performing tarawih prayer in congregation is sunnah al kifaya.

(Great Islamic Jurisprudence, Omar Nasuhi Bilmen) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Does “Tarawih” Mean?

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