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 What is the Ruling on Tarawih Prayer?

Is it a sin to abandon tarawih prayer? What is the ruling on performing tarawih prayer in Islam?


According to the three madhabs (Hanafis, Shafis and Hanbalis), tarawih prayer is sunnah al muakkad.

Madhabs propounded different views about the meaning of sunnah, mandub, mustahab and virtue.

Some are of opinion that these are synonym words; whoever performs a sunnah, a mandub or a mustahab, he will get reward, and for the one who leaves there is no punishment.

Some are of opinion that sunnah is different from mustahab and mandub, and performing it is, in comparison to mandub and mustahab, more demanded in Islam. According to this opinion, who performs sunnah will get reward in any case, who leaves won’t be punished.

Some said that sunnah is different from mustahab and mandub. They divided sunnah into two groups; muakkad and ghair muakkad. According to them who leaves sunnah al muakkad will be deprived of intercession of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), even though won’t be punished in hellfire.

A Muslim should never underestimate sunnahs. Because the purpose of prayer (salah) is to get close to Allah Almighty (swt) who created the whole universe. Therefore, there are definite and absolute benefits of performing sunnah prayers. To save from hellfire and to utilize nimah of Paradise are its foremost benefits. In that case, underestimating the sunnah of salah and leaving them is not appropriate for a rational person. Who leaves these sunnahs will be deprived of its reward (thawab). It is obvious that depriving of (reward) is a kind of punishment Because one who is deprived of reward can’t properly utilize the nimah of Paradise. It is an important matter for every Muslim to perform the orders of the possessor of the sharia (swt) whether fard or  sunnah.

 (Islamic Jurisprudence According to the Four Sunni Schools) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the Ruling on Tarawih Prayer?



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