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 Irrationality of Atheism


Believers and atheists have been in conflict for centuries. “Does Allah exist or not?”
To put forward either of these arguments, are not the both sides expected to talk depending on proofs, trying to prove their arguments and disprove the arguments of the other side? In case of such discussions, unfortunately, some irrational situations are probable to occur, as well. For this reason, discussions end without attaining any results. Then, people start on other discussions that would not end.
There are two specific terms in the science of debate; these are dominance and stubbornness. Dominance means trying to procure acceptance for a proof less claim. As for stubbornness, it means refusing a proved argument with demagogy. Scholars of science of debate consider these situations as inappropriate for debate method and to be neglected.
I personally think that atheists choose both the way of dominance and stubbornness in their debates, which is as follows:
When we say as a proof for Allah’s existence “A letter must have a writer, a house must have a master-builder and a village must have a headman.” we see that atheists get angry. They say, “What kind of a proof is this?” or “This is too simple!” and claim that what we have said cannot be taken as a proof, and we could not and can never convince them with this proof.
The sentence “A letter must have a writer, a house must have a master-builder and a village must have a headman” is actually simple, but is also rational. It is not important whether the proof is simple or quite strange. It just has to be rational.
It is wrong that atheists refuse this proof claiming it to be “simple”. What they have to do is to disproof this sentence with evidences and proofs. If they cannot disprove this sentence, then they have to admit that their cause have been and will be destroyed with such a simple proof.
Indeed, this is what makes them angry and disturbs them.
This situation of theirs can be an example for stubbornness, namely responding a proof not with an anti-proof but with pressure and demagogy.
Similarly, atheists have also employed the way of dominance skilfully. That is;
Atheism is not based on mind, logic or proof but on mere acceptance. For example, evolutionists, in response to the question “How did life come into being on earth?” say, “accidentally”. “How did other forms of life evolve and come into being out of one single cell?” this is “accidentally” too. So, “Is there any proof for these coincidences?” Of course, there is not. It is coincidence, namely mere accident, and there is not a rule or proof for it.
At this point, let us handle the question with regard to probability calculus:
Suppose that we have stamps in our hand numbered from 1 to 10. When we put these stamps into a bag and pick randomly from among them, we can pick the number 1 by one chance out of ten. Nevertheless, the probability of picking the stamps all in order from 1 to 10 is one out of 10 billion ( Moreover, this is only a probability. In other words, when we repeat the action of picking the stamps and do it for 10 billion times, it is not certain that the stamps will exactly come out in order at the end.
If the probability of picking ten stamps all in order from 1 to 10 is 1 out of 10 billion, then what is the probability of the quite complex but orderly lining of the numberless atoms, cells and organs in our body? Think upon this for the bodies of all plants, animals and people.
Attributing all these to chance and accident arises only from bigotry and prejudgement. That is to say, atheists rely on an mere acceptance. They say, “I say so, and this is how it is.”
Martin Lings tells the following in his book “Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions”:
Yves Delage, a former professor of zoology at Sorbonne University, says: “I accept that until now no one has come across a form that is the ancestor of another form, and that there is no single evidence to show that such a thing occurred even one time. But still I believe evolution to be true as though it was objectively proved. In short, science expects us to have faith in itself. Indeed, the idea of evolution is put forward as a kind of reality produced by inspiration. 1”
French geologist Paul Lemoine, who compiled the fifth volume (about living organisms) of Encyclopaedia Françoise, says the following after going through articles of various authors: “All of these show that evolution theory is in no way possible. In fact, contrary to how it seems, in effect, no one believes in evolution theory any more… Evolution is type of dogma that shepherds no longer believe but keep defending for the sake of the continuation of their herds.2”
In this regard, we can say that atheists are employing dominance to sell evolution. That is to say, a proofless claim is wanted to be sold to everybody as though it was a proven reality.
by Idris Tuzun, The Pen Magazine

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