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 Was Quran sent down as a complete book on Lailatul Qadr?

Does the ayah "We revealed it on the Night of Power" mean that Quran was sent down as a complete book in one night?


"We revealed it on the Night of Power" (Surah al Qadr, 1)

As is known, Quran was revealed by stages during 23 years. In this regard, the statement of "We revealed it on the Night of Power" has been explained by Islamic scholars in this way:

Al-Quran Al-Kareem has been present at Preserved Tablet (al-lawh-i mahfuz) as a complete book. By the order of Allah it was sent down to " Bayt al- Izzah" which is a specific place in the heaven of the world. This is what has been stated in the first verse of Surah al Qadr. After that, Al-Quran Al-Kareem has been revealed from the heaven of the world through Jibril (Gabriel) by stages based on the events and the people’s benefits, needs and the situations in 23 years.

Also there are some other opinions that were stated by scholars:

Ibn Abbas says: Quran was revealed as a complete book to the heaven at Lailatul Qadr and after that it was revealed to the earth by stages. Allah has sent down his verses against to the polytheists ‘s words arguing with the prophet and to fulfill the needs of people in the way He wishes. (Ibn Katheer)

Shabi says: In this verse it's stated that Quran was started to be revealed at Laylat al Qadr. Because, Blessed Muhammad (pbuh) became a prophet of Islam in the month of Ramadan. (Ibn Katheer)

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