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 How Can We Welcome Laylat al Baraat?

What can we do to spend the blessed Laylat al Baraat in the best way?


Laylat al Baraat is the 15th night of the blessed month Shaban. It is a very important night that we should try to utilize it as best as we can.

Laylat al Baraat is a significant opportunity for people to ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness, sustenance and whatever they need

“When the night of the middle of Shabaan comes, Allah descends to the lowest Heaven and says, "Is there anyone begging for forgiveness that I might forgive him? Is there anyone begging for sustenance that I may feed him? Is there any such and such?"This goes on until the break of dawn” (Ibn Majah)


We can spend the day of Laylat al Baraat and the following day fasting

Narrated Hadrat Aisha (ra): “I never saw the Messenger of Allah fasting for an entire month except in Ramadan, and I never saw him fast more than he did in Sha’baan.” (al-Bukhari, Muslim)


When Usaamah ibn Zayd (ra) asked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

“O Messenger of Allah, I do not see you fasting in any other month like you fast in Shaban.”

He responded:

“That is a month to which people do not pay attention, between Rajab and Ramadaan, and it is a month in which deeds are lifted up to the Lord of the Worlds. I like for my deeds to be lifted up when I am fasting.” (al-Nasaa’i)


We can perform “salat al khair” that is peculiar to Laylat al Baraat

A prayer called “salat al khair” which consists of 100 rakahs can be performed on the blessed Laylat al Baraat. In each rakah, one surat al Fatiha and then ten surat al Ikhlas are recited and after every two rakahs, salaam is given.

This salah may also be performed as 10 rakahs on condition that surat al Fatiha and 100 surat al Ikhlas are recited in each rakah and again after every two rakahs, salaam is given.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recommended each Muslim to perform “Salah al Khair” at least once in life

The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated that:

“Whoever performs 100 rakahs of salah this night, Allah (swt) sends 100 angels to him. 30 of them tell him the good news of jannah, 30 of them assure him of (salvation from) the hell. 30 of them repel the worldly disasters, 10 of them keeps him out of the traps of the devil.” (Haq Dini Quran Dili)


We can pray our Prophet’s (pbuh) invocation

On Lailat al Baraat, the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) invoked His Lord with the following dua:

“O my Allah! I take refuge in your forgiveness from your torment (azab), in your contentment (rida) from your wrath (gadab). I’m impotent to praise You properly. You are exalted as You praise yourself.” (Targib and Tarhib)

Some scholars also prayed in the following way:

“O my Allah! If you have written my name in the book of the glad, keep me firm there. If you have written my name in the book of the wretched, erase it from there, because you stated that ‘Allah blots out what He wills and confirms (what He wills).’ (Surah al Rad, 39) (Majmuat al Ahzab)


It is recommended to worship a lot on Lailat al Baraat

“On Laylat al Baraat, the doors of the heavens are opened, angels give good news to the believers and encourage them to worship.” (Nasaai, Baihaqi, Munziri)

“The heart of whoever spends the eid night and the 15th night of Shaban awake, will not die on the day that hearts die.” (Ibn Majah, Tabarani)

The Baraat night can be spent awake reciting Quran, salutations (salawat) on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and repentance (tawba, istigfar).

Furthermore, since this night is a night of destiny and decision, we should pray for the salvation and guidance of ourselves, our families, the Islamic world and the whole humanity. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How Can We Welcome Laylat al Baraat?


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