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 How should we spend the eid days?

What should we do to spend the eid days in the best way and celebrate it properly?


“On the earth, Allah manifests his own mercy on the days of the celebration of Ramadan (Al-Fitr) and Sacrifice (Al-Adha). If so, you should go out of the house for visiting; so that mercy can touch you." (Ibn-i Asakir)

What can we do to get the advantage of eid which is so significant before Allah?

Worship in the night of Eids

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that;  a person’s heart, who spends eid days worshipping, will not die.
“Whoever spends Ramadan and Sacrifice eids nights only by worshipping and doing orders of Allah hoping to gain good deeds, his heart does not die when all the the hearts die.”
(İbn-i Maja)

Wish (whatever you want) from Allah(swt) in the eid mornings

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reported that servants who get cleaned by fasting and worshipping should wish whatever they want from Allah.
“In the morning eids, when muslims congregated in mosques for prayer, Allah (swt) asks angels, “What is the reward of a person who completes his duty?”
Angels say: “It is to collect his/her payment.”
Then Allah (swt) says: “Witness that I place my consent and forgiveness on my servants who fasts (sawm) and prays in Ramadan. O My servants, today wish whatever you want from me because I will give whatever you want for the right to my glory and Jalal.”

Rejoice on the Eid day 

The day of eid is a reward for believers in return for their ibadahs (worships) to Allah. Those who obey Allah are forgiven and feast days are given as presents for them. That is to say, feasts are for those who obey Allah. Those forgiven ones are happy to gain the consent of Allah (swt) on the eid days which are presents of Allah.
“When the day of Ramadan eid comes (Eid-ul-Fitr) angels stand on roads and say:
"O Muslim Community! Please run towards your generous Lord, he does favours and bestows generously. You've been ordered to pray at nights, to fast (sawm) in the daytime. Fast and you obey your Lord so you can get your rewards.”
When they pray, a voice speaks: "Listen well, your Lord has forgiven you. Return to your homes having found the right path. The day of eid is the day of reward. Today is called "reward day" on the heaven."

Go out on the day of eid

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) narrated that Allah would manifest himself on the earth in feast day with his own mercy.
“Allah manifests himself with His mercy on the earth on the days of eid of Ramadan (Al-Fitr) and Sacrifice (Al-Adha). If so, you should go out of the house for visiting and salah so that mercy can touch you." (Ibn-i Asakir) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How should we spend the eid days?

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