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 What Are the Conditions of a Valid Tawaf al Ziyarat?

What should a Muslim pay attention to during tawaf al ziyarat?


The conditions of a valid tawaf al ziyarat are the followings:

  • To have fulfilled ihram, waqfa, niyyah and the majority of this tawaf before.
  • To perform tawaf on the day of eid or on the following days.
  • To be inside the masjid
  • To perform the tawaf in person

The followings are the wajibs (obligatories) of this tawaf:

  • To walk if strong enough
  • To start everything from right
  • To complete the seven shawts
  • To be in a state of wudu
  • To cover the awrah
  • To perform the tawaf on the days of eid al adha

It is sunnah for this tawaf to respect the order during stoning the devil and shaving.

(Omar Nasuhi Bilmen, Great Islamic Jurisprudence) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Are the Conditions of a Valid Tawaf al Ziyarat?




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