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 Is there a certain age to go to Hajj?

Should we hurry to perform Hajj or should we wait for older ages? Many people wait for older ages to perform this duty, is it a condition?


A Muslim who is obliged to perform Hajj should hurry

There is not a certain age for Hajj. A  Muslim who has reached puberty and who is capable financially and physically to perform Hajj, should go to Hajj as soon as he can, because Our Blessed Prophet stated in his hadith that:

“Hurry to perform Hajj, as none of you knows what may happen to him. He might get sick, he might get poor.” (Abu Dawood, Manasiq)

Based on this hadith, most interpreters of Islamic law stress that he who is obliged to perform Hajj; needs to perform Hajj in the same year.

The Blessed Prophet (pbuh) mentions “food and transportation” as decisive conditions for performing Hajj. “Food and transportation” are to provide needs for Hajj such as travelling, eating, drinking and others. It is stated in the hadith that he who is able to provide these needs must perform Hajj immediately without delaying.

“He who possess enough food for the trip, a means of transportation to reach to Makkah, and yet does not perform Hajj, then he dies, he would then die as a Jew or a Christian” (At-Tirmidhi, Al-Bazzaar)

So, it is obligatory to perform Hajj for an adult Muslim who is capable financially and physically and he should perform his duty as soon as he can without delaying and waiting for older ages.


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