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 Virtues of Sacrificing an Animal

What are the virtues of sacrificing an animal?


“Select your sacrifices from amongst the best ones. Because they are your mounts on Sirat Bridge.”  (Dailami)

On the day of Resurrection, Muslims having taqwa will go to their Lords by their sacrifices

Ali (ra) read that verse (ayah):

"The Day We shall gather the pious (in order to give the our blessings) in masses unto the Most Beneficent (Allah)." (Mariam: 85)

Then he said the followings:

“Only nice horses will be their ridings. These horses are the sacrifices they slaughtered. On the day of resurrection, these will come onto such beautiful camels that the public has not ever seen any similar of them. These ridings will take them straight to heaven and knock the door of it.” (Gunyat’ut Talibin)

The sacrifices protect from the hell fire

“Whoever slaughters his animal for sacrifice with a satisfied heart hoping rewards from Allah; this will save him/her from the hell fire." (Tabarani)

Sacrifices will be ridings on the sirat bridge

“Select your sacrifices from amongst the best ones. Because they are your mounts on Sirat Bridge.(Dailami)

Blood of the sacrifice is under the protection of Allah

Ali (ra) narrated that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“Oh people!  Cut the sacrifice, wish and hope good deeds in return for their blood. Because the blood of the sacrifice is certainly under protection of Allah, though it falls over the floor.”

“According to Allah; the major day is the day of sacrifice.” (Gunyat’ut Talibin)

 “On the day of sacrifice people cannot make any lovely deeds other than to shed the blood of the sheep for Allah. On the day of resurrection, sacrificial animals come in the presence of God with their horns, feathers and nails. Before Allah, blood rises to a high position without falling down. If so, cut the sacrifices with a pleased heart.” (Ibn Maja)
“On this day, people cannot make any virtuous deeds other than shedding the blood of the sacrifice animal except visiting and seeing his relatives.” (Tabarani)

Various good deeds are given in return for each hair of the sacrifice

 “There is one good deed for the owner of the sacrifice in return for each hair of it.” (Tirmizi)

Zeyd Ibn-u Arkam (ra) tells:

Ashab of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Oh Messenger of Allah! What is that sacrifice which is cut on the feast day? ”

Prophet said:

“It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as).”

“There is one good deed for the owner of the sacrifice in return for each hair of it.”

Ashab again:

“Oh Messenger of Allah if it (sacrifice such as sheep, lamb) is woolen, (how will be the good deeds)?”

He answered:

“There is one good deed in return for each hair of wool too!” (Kutub-u Sitta)

“The day of sacrifice, one accomplishing the slaughtering process will be brought closer to paradise (jannah).

When one cuts his sacrifice; Allah (swt) forgives him in the first drop of the sacrifice’s blood. Allah makes that sacrifice animal as a riding for man and gives good deeds as the number of its hair and wool.” (Gunyat’ut Talibin)

It is narrated that our Prophet Muhammad stated as the following:

-“Davud (as) asked Allah (swt):

-“Oh Allah! What is the reward for the sacrifices of ummah of Prophet Muhammad?”

Allah(swt) said:

- “Their reward is that: Ten good deeds will be written in return for each hair of the sacrifice, their sins will be forgiven and their ranks will be increased tenfold in return for each hair of the sacrifice.”

He again asked:

- Oh Allah, What is the reward for their ripping up the sacrifice?

He said that:

- I will make them sure and secured from hunger, thirst and the terror of the resurrection day when they raised up from their graves.

Oh Davud! A bird is created as a camel from each bit of meat of the sacrifice.

It is created a mount in the heaven (jannah) from its every meat too.

A pavilion is created from each hair of it in the paradise (jannah).

Oh Davud! Do not you know that the sacrifices are the ridings in jannah?

Sacrifice help to be forgiven and protects from the evils
“Order your Ummah to sacrifice animals; because sacrifice is fadayeen (what you sacrificed for the sake of something valuable) of Muslims as well as it is fedayeen of Ismail (as)…”
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