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 What Are The Worlds of Past Eternity?


An entity who is past eternal is the one who has no beginning and who is not convicted to time. He does not need a Creator to bring him into existence. As understood from the descriptions of being “past eternal”, the only and only “past eternal” entity who has no beginning is “Allah” (swt) the Almighty Creator.
“Verily Allah is absolutely free of need of anything in the worlds" (Surat-u Ankabut, 6)
As Allah (swt) is the only past-eternal Entity and as He is free from needing a space, we cannot mention about any “past-eternal worlds”.
For further information about “Allah has no beginning and no end.” You can read the question entitled “How can we understand Allah has no beginning and no end. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Are The Worlds of Past Eternity?

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