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 What is the Difference between Tawafuq and Coincidence?

Can we say coincidence instead of tawafuq? If we say it in a well intentioned way, does it harm our iman?


Coincidence means, “chance or luck, happen by itself, to imprudently occur”. Tawafuq means, “To be correlated with each other, to be in a pleasant coherence, correspondence and conformity with each other”.
As nothing in this universe happens by itself, saying tawafuq should be preferred other than coincidence. As it is understood from the meaning, when a situation is called “coincidence” it gives a meaning such as “there is no planner or maker, it just happens by itself”. Whereas even the smallest things in this universe, happen with the Power, Permission and Knowledge of Allah (swt).

The usage of this word which contains polytheism may not harm our faith on condition that it is used in a well-intentioned way or in an ignorant way but after learning the meaning of it is a necessity to train our tongues to use tawafuq. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the Difference between Tawafuq and Coincidence?

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