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 What is the difference between “wisdom” and “intelligence”?

Do "intelligence" and "wisdom" come to different meanings?


Wisdom is a noor (light) located in the heart and has the ability to differentiate between the right (haq) and the superstition (batil). As for the intelligence; it is the ability to grasp and know quickly. In other words wisdom and intelligence must be handled separately.
Each intelligent is not wise.
Each wise person does not necessarily have to be intelligent.
It is declared in the prophet’s saying that “A Muslim is wise.”
That’s to say, the degree of a person’s wisdom is understood with his affirming Allah and applying Islam to his life. Or we can say the degree of a person's wisdom is understood with his believing a God and live accordingly and properly in certain goals which are lofty and noble. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the difference between “wisdom” and “intelligence”?

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