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Science and Islam

Does Islam contradict science? Is science alone enough to answer the questions? 10.16.2011 23:57

Is Crescent the Symbol of Islam?

Is there any relation between crescent (hilal) symbol and Islam? Why is there crescent symbol over the domes of masjids and on the flags of Islamic states? 3.31.2011 00:50

What Was the Religion of Muhammad Before Islam?

Before Blessed Muhammad (pbuh) became a prophet of Islam, what had his religion been? 2.15.2011 15:08

What Is the Provision for Reciting Adhan into the ear of Newborn While Naming Him?

Where does reciting adhan to a newborn’s right ear while naming him come from? Is there such a thing in Islam? 10.29.2010 06:23

Is It Permissible to Use Period-Delaying Pills?

Is it permissible to use period-delaying pills in order to fast fully during the Ramadan month? 6.4.2011 00:38

Can We Read the Qur'an in today's Latin alphabet instead of its Original Arabic Form?

Is it appropriate to read the Qur'an in Latin alphabet instead of the Arabic? 8.24.2010 16:56

Who is the first Khalifah of the Muslims?

Who is the first khalifah after Prophet Muhammad passed away and who is the first to follow the rules? 6.29.2010 23:00

What Are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Can you give brief information about the five pillars of Islam? 12.11.2012 12:36

Is a Person Obliged to Love His Parents Although They Live in Another City?

Dear Ask a Question to us Team,  I have a friend who have problems with his father and he asks this question: "Does a man have to love his parents although they live in another city?" 1.6.2010 22:49

What is the difference between “wisdom” and “intelligence”?

Do "intelligence" and "wisdom" come to different meanings? 11.28.2010 18:12

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