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 Is It Permissible to Combine the Prayers?

are we allowed to pray maghrib and isha together?


It is permissible to join the prayers in some circumstances. These circumstances are different in each madhab.

Hanafi School:

According to the Hanafi school, It is not permissible for a Muslim to join the maghrib and isha unless he is in Muzdalifa and he is in the state of ihram. Just under these conditions, he can delay maghrib and pray with isha. (Jam'a Ta-ikheer (Late Combination)).

It is also permissible for a Muslim performing Hajj to combine the zuhr with asr to be prayed in the time of asr (Jam'a Taqdeem (Early Combination)) on the arafa day.

There is a consensus among the four madhabs about this combination in muzdalifa and Arafat.

Shafi School:

According to the Shafi school, besides muzdalifa and arafat, it is also permissible to combine the salahs in the case of sickness and travel. And if there are specific conditions, rain (and such) may also be a probable cause for combination (just to pray in the masjid).


Maliki School:

Maliki School’s view is that salahs can be combined in the following conditions:

  • Travel
  • Sickness
  • Rain (an acceptable excuse just for praying in the masjid)
  • Muddy roads along with the dark (an acceptable excuse just for praying in the masjid)
  • When a muslim performing hajj is at Arafat or Muzdalifa.


Hanbali School:

Hanbali school is of the opinion that it is permissible to combine the zuhr with asr and the maghrib with isha in the following conditions; however, it is better to pray them separately:

  1. Travel
  2. Sickness
  3. Being in a condition that does not allow to be informed of the salah time.
  4. Fear (of the danger of life, property, chastity, livelihood)
  5. Nursing woman and woman suffering from istihaadah (non-menstrual bleeding)
  6. Heavy rain, snow, hail, cold, mud, cold and strong wind. (no matter at home or in the masjid)
  7. At Arafat and Muzdalifa


We recommend you to search the issue according to the madhab you follow and learn further about the conditions and excuses that make the combination valid. It will be proper for you to worship in an acceptable way. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is It Permissible to Combine the Prayers? 

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