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 Can I send my zakat to other countries?

Looking for some guidelines/advise on where to pay zakat. Is it advisable to pay zakat where you live (eg is it advisable for PERSONS LIKE MY SISTERS to pay Zakat in Canada, if yes, then does it have to be given to help Muslims only) or can you send it to any other place in the world to help and nurture less fortunate Muslims. Please advise with some reference from Quran/hadees.


Zakah (alms) cannot be given to non-Muslims while sadaqa (charity) can be given

Since zakah is the right of the poor Muslims, it cannot be given to non-Muslims.

Narrated Ibn-i Abbas (ra);

“Inform them that Allah has enjoined on them, the Zakat. And it is to be taken from the rich amongst them and given to the poor amongst them.” As understood from this hadith, non-Muslims are not entitled to give zakah. Giving zakah is a religious and social duty concerning the Muslims. Those who do not associate this duty do not have the right to benefit from it either.

However, there is a consensus that it is permissible to give sadaqa that are regarded as nafilah (optinal) to ahl al-dhimmi. (Great Islamic Jurisprudence)


It is permissible to send zakat to the people in other countries as long as they are needier than those in your country

It is more proper to give zakat to the people in your country. However, if there are poorer people in other countries who need zakat more than your country’s people, it is permissible to send your zakat to them. Otherwise, it is makrooh to give it to other countries.

Its proof is that Muaz bin Jabal ra used to send the zakat he collected in Yemen to Medina, since the poor in Medina were needier than the poor in Yemen. (al Ikhtiyar)


It is stated in “Great Islamic Jurisprudence” as following:

Zakat should be given to the poor in your country. However;

If it hasn’t been a full lunar year over the property yet, its zakat can be sent to other countries.

 If it has been a full lunar year over the property, then it is makrooh to send the zakat to other countries; but if the poor in the other country are relatives or if they are needier than those in your city or country, then there is no harm in sending your zakat to them. (Great Islamic Jurisprudence) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Can I send my zakat to other countries?



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