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 The Religion of Abu Bakr (ra) and Uthman (ra) Before Islam and Their Services for Quran

Which religion did Abu Bakr (ra) and Uthman (ra) come to Islam from? And how did they serve for the Quran?

Abu Bakr (ra) was a person who was known for and liked for his good morals even in the period of ignorance (before Islam). His distinctive characteristics were soft demeanor, modesty and weighing every word carefully before speaking. In terms of morals (with his honesty and piety), he was the first one among the ashap (friends of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)). His good morals helped him realize and accept the magnanimity of Muslims’ quintessence and the light of candidness and sincerity in Muslims. And none of the negative effects and beliefs of the period of ignorance remained on him. (Uysal Konya, Views from Sahaba Lives)
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Abu Bakr (ra) had a great companionship. They used to get together and consult about some cases such as the oneness of Allah (swt), the position of Meccan mushriks (polytheists) and commerce etc… Both of them were against the culture of the period of ignorance and had never been interested in writing poems or poetry.
After Islam came, Abu Bakr (ra) gave his all to call people, whom he trusted, into Islam. And Uthman (ra) is among those whom Abu Bakr (ra) first invited to Islam.
He spent all his possessions for Islam. As he was dying, in his will, he asked for the salaries he took during his caliphate and his estimates to be sent back by selling the land he owned and he left behind nothing but a slave and a camel.
His loyalty to Rasulullah (pbuh) is mentioned in a hadith as follows:
Narrated by Abu Hurayra (ra);
Rasulullah (pbuh) said:
“Jibril (as) came to me, held my hand and showed me the gate of paradise, which my ummah (community) will enter from.”
Abu Bakr (ra) suddenly said:
“Oh the Prophet of Allah! I wish I could be with you thereat, so that I could look at it, too.”
Prophet of Allah (pbuh) said:
Oh Abu Bakr, isn’t it enough for you, that you are the first one among my ummah (community) who will enter into paradise. (Abu Davud)

He was meticulous on conserving the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

It is said that he made tiny distinctions on his decisions by saying “I am just amenable to Rasullulah, not a principle-maker.” While he was treating a question, he looked up in the Quran first; if he did not find the answer there, he investigated in Sunnah; as long as he did not find it there, he consulted with ashab and made jurisprudence.
Abu Bakr (ra) is considered to be one of the ‘Mukillin’ (ashab who narrate few hadiths). He just narrated a hundred and forty two hadiths because he was afraid of mistaking and narrating wrong things. (Or only that number of hadiths narrated by Hz. Abu Bakr could be delivered to us).

Qur’an was compiled as a Book during Hz. Abu Bakr’s Caliphate

After many of the memorizers of the Qur’an and Qur’an clerks were martyred at the battles of Ridda, Hadrat Abu Bakr agreed with Hadrat Omar’s suggestion that Qur’an should be compiled and ordered the verses to be compiled.
The revelations which came gradually over the period of Prophet Muhammad was alive, were written on gazelle skins, with white stones and wide date branches and most of the ashab were memorizers of the Qur’an. However, the written verses were discarded and when the number of memorizers decreased due to battles people became concerned about the conservation of Qur’an verses. Hadrat Abu Bakr formed a council and assigned Zayd bin Thabit as the head of the council. He ordered ashab to bring in all the verses they wrote by then. Thus the verses were compiled as one book (Mushaf).

Hz. Uthman (ra)

Before he became a Muslim, Hz. Uthman was a rich merchant. He never got involved in the vile acts of the period of ignorance and he was most liked and respected. He was close friends with Hadrat Abu Bakr and consulted with him on matters of importance.
Rasullallah asked for Hadrat Uthman’s assistance on many important matters that concerned Muslims. And in the hadith: narrated by Abu Hurayrah:
“Rasullallah said: “There is a companion for every prophet in the hereafter and my companion there is Uthman ibn Affan. “”
Rasullallah prayed: “O Allah, I am content with Uthman, You be content with him, as well.” (İbn Hisham, Sira)
And said:
“From now on Uthman has no liability for his actions” (Suyuti)
His service for the Qur’an:
Qur’an which was compiled during Hz. Abu Bakr’s caliphate was duplicated and distributed to the cities of Daru’l Islam (House of Islam) during the caliphate of Hadrat Uthman.
He also started working on resolving the controversies about the recitation of Qur’an in different Islamic states.

He used his wealth for Islam

During Madina period, Hadrat Uthman strived to be by Prophet Muhammad’s side at all times. Being the wealthiest of Muslims, he was the greatest monetary contributer to Islam and Muslims. He was especially generous in his contributions to armies that were going to battle against the nonbelievers. Historians speak highly of his contributions to the equipping of the army called Jayshul Usra which fought in the battle of Tabuk.

His character is most like the character of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Narrated by Abdurrahman bin Uthman al Quraishi: Rasullallah entered his daughter’s house. She was washing her husband Hadrat Uthman’s hair. Prophet Muhammad said: “O My Daughter! Always do good to Abu Abdillah. Among my ashab, he is most like me in terms of morals.” (Tabarani)

Modesty of Hz. Uthman

Narrated by Hz. Hasan (ra) and Hz. Aisha:
“Even if Hadrat Uthman was in his house and the door was locked he would never take off all his clothes because his modesty would prevent him from it.” (Haysami)
Ibn Omar (ra): "There are three people from Quraish who are the most beautiful of people in terms of looks, modesty and morals. They are Hadrat Abu Bakr, Hadrat Uthman, and Abu Ubaydah” (Tabarani)
Hadrat Muhammad said for Hadrat Uthman: “Should I not show modesty to one whom even the Angels show modesty.” (Muslim, Book 31, Hadith 5906)
Narrated by Ibn Omar (ra): “There are three people from Quraish, who are the most beautiful of people in terms of looks as well as being firm in their morals and modesty. When they talk to you they don’t lie and when you talk to them they don’t deny you. They are Hz. Abu Bakr, Uthman bin Affan and Abu Ubaydah bin el-Cerrah.”(Abu Nuaym) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Religion of Abu Bakr (ra) and Uthman (ra) Before Islam and Their Services for Quran

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