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 Statements from Western Thinkers about Quran

What Did Western Thinkers Say about the Qur’an?

Dr. Johnson (A Thinker)


"Is the Qur’an poetry? No, it’s not. But it’s hard to distinguish whether it is poetry or not. The Qur’an is something higher than poetry. Nevertheless the Qur’an is neither history nor a poetic work in verse giving guidance and counsel as Jesus (pbuh) said on mountain.


"In fact, the Qur’an is like neither the Buddha’s suggestions nor a logic book nor preach emitted to the public by Plato.


"This is the voice of a Prophet. It’s a sound that the whole world can listen to. The reflection of this sound tinkles in palaces, deserts, cities and states."


Rodwell (A Priest)


"The Qur’an has inflicted the Arabian Bedouins and has changed them in a way that you would regard them as legendary. Destroying the Idolatry, the Qur’an; has established the belief on Wahdaniyyah (the Oneness of Allah), removed worshiping to demons, fairies and stones, and stopped savage traditions like burying maids as live, and removing superstitions and polygamy, the Qur’an has been the divine grace and blessing for Arabs.


"Attesting and exalting Allah (swt)–The Creator who has created the entire universe by His ‘Qadir’ attribute, is the All-Knowing, is the Almighty having the omnipotence and greatness; the Qur’an deserves all praise. Along with the terse and concise expressions, the Qur'an told the deepest truth, and the strongest and the most significant wisdom with expounding words. It’s just because of the principals of the Qur’an, Fusdat, Baghdad, Cordoba, Delhi achieved greatness and glory shaking the entire Christian Europe."


Corselle (An Intellectual – translated the Qur’an)


"The Qur’an is the most perfect and excellent work of the Arabic. This miraculous work cannot be introduced by mankind. The Qur’an itself is an enduring miracle and such a miracle that it is more supreme than resurrecting dead bodies.


"This holy book itself is enough to prove that it is originally heavenly. Enlightening the Arabian bare and barren deserts, and defying poets and preachers, the Qur’an insisted for an equivalent of a verse of the Quran but there has been no one paying in kind."


Marmaduke Pickthall (a British Author)


"A perfect book of “ethics law” can be formed by principles that are taught in the Qur’an and notified by the Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is impossible to deny that the principles of the Qur’an do favour for people in various countries and attach people who wish to be close, to Allah (swt).


"Only the Qur’an could perfectly describe the truth of the Creator and created ones. Not only Muslims, but Christians and Jewish admit, too."


Goethe (a German Litterateur)


"That is a book that’s been attracting, marvelling and amazing us to kneel in front lately within a short period of time. The Qur’an’s style is such strong, supreme and magnificent in accordance with its content and purpose. This book will remain as the most influent book for eras."


Doctor Maurice (Famous Author - Went forward in Arabic Literature and Published a Translation of the Quran)


"What is the Qur’an? It’s a miracle of rhetoric (balaghah) and eloquence (fasahah) which is superior to any criticism. The Qur’an gives a rightful pride to 350 million Muslims with Its virtue of defining all meanings perfectly, and that it is eternal and the most brilliant of the celestial books. No, we could go further;


The Qur’an is the finest heavenly book that Allah the All-Eternal and the Almighty has granted to mankind in grace. Considering the welfare of humanity, the Qur’an’s expression is much more sublime than the Greek philosophy.


The Qur’an is full of praise (hamd) and thanksgiving (shukr) to the Creator of the earth and the sky. The perfectness in each word of the Qur’an is hidden in the greatness of Allah who has created everything, and has been dispatching and guiding them in accordance with their ability.


For litterateurs, the Qur’an is a book of literature. For linguists, the Qur’an is a treasure of words. For poets, the Qur’an is a source of harmony. Furthermore, this book includes any lore on behalf of Hukm and Fiqh.


Only the voice rising from the Mountain Hira in Arabia could have survived Byzantine Christians from dead ends and the false belief. This voice was the voice raising the Divine word to highest authority. However, Rums couldn’t have listened to the call of this voice. The voice has been teaching the purest and the most accurate religion to people."


Mr John Davenport (An Author – A Thinker)


"Especially two of the Qur’an’s numerous traits are extremely important:


The loftiness of the harmony in the Qur’an’s verses expressing Allah (swt) who is the owner of the omnipotence and the greatness. The Qur’an Al-Kareem is totally far from attributing human weakness to Allah.


From the beginning to the end the Qur’an is totally unfettered from ideas, sentences and stories that are non-eloquent, non-ethics or opposite to good manners.


However there are many of all these flaws in the Bible that is in the hand of Christian world and has been falsified."


Edward Gibbon (a British Historian and Educator)


"States between the Ganges River and the Atlantic Ocean recognized the Qur’an as a spirit of the life on a constitution and sharia. In the viewpoint of the Qur’an, there’s no difference between an overwhelming emperor and a miserable poor man. The Qur’an has established such principles like these that are unique in the world.


"The Qur’an is the strongest evidence of the oneness of Allah (swt). Having a philosophical encephalon and faith to the oneness of Allah, one will show no hesitation to accept a point that Islam gives into consideration. Islam is maybe a religion much more supreme than we think today."


Orientalist Sedio (Western Philosopher)


"The Qur’an has described the truth of Allah (swt), and has clearly taught what creatures could expect from the Creator, and the way to lay bridges to Him. The Qur’an includes all principles of ethics and philosophy.


Virtue and disgrace, good (khair) and evil (shar), the truth of property (everything that is created) in a brief expression any subject is expressed in the Qur’an. All the fundamental principles of wisdom and philosophy such as Justice and equality and principles giving lessons to do favour and to be virtuous are all stated in the Qur’an. The Qur’an leads humanity to midway and saving, protects from heresy, saves from darkness of ethical weakness, leads to the light of high ethics, and manages the mankind’s faults and errors to exaltedness and perfectness."


Thomas Carlyle (A Famous British Thinker)


"Once you read the Qur’an carefully, you’ll realize its emerging unique features. The Qur’an’s own beauty is totally distinguished from other literary works, is unique. One of distinguishing features of the Qur’an is that It has not been falsified.


In my opinion and conclusion, the Qur’an is full of truth and sincerity from the beginning to the end. The Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) invitation to the world is truth."


Prof. Gerald C. Goeringer (An Associate Professor of Medical Embryology, Georgetown University)


"Some verse of the Qur’an provides a comprehensive description of the human development; from mixture of cells to creation of the organs. There was no such equivalent recording of these stages, terminology, and the explanation of human development ever before. Although not for all, the majority of the description in traditional scientific literature about development of human embryo was already informed by the Qur’an centuries ago."


Jochahim Du Rulph (A western Scholar)


"Firstly, it is necessary to admit: The Qur’an is superior to all the religious books. When we carefully consider simple but excellent sanitary rules described by the Qur’an, thanks to this Holy Book, Asia the great crowd of insects and bugs, and some regions of the world are survived from such a significant threat. Obligating hygiene and cleanliness to Muslims, Islam has destroyed lots of devastating and destructive microbes."


Prince Bismarck


“Scrutinising heavenly books, that is said sent by Allah (swt), to manage people in various eras, I could have seen no wisdom and accuracy. Those laws are not eligible to ensure happiness of society, even not a family.


However, Muslims’ Qur’an is free from this description. I scrutinised the Quran in every aspect. I observed the great wisdom in each word of it. Even though enemies of Muslims claim that this book is Muhammad’s word, claiming that such a wonderful will arised from the most perfect brain means just ignoring the truth and winking at hatred and grudge which is incompatible with enlightenment and wisdom.


I claim that Muhammad is a distinguished power. It is far out of possibility to bring up such a hand of power.


O Muhammad! I’m sad that I’m not in your time. The book you’re the teacher of and publisher of, is not yours. It’s Holy. Denying its Holiness is as hilarious as claiming that science is fallacious. That’s why humanity will not see a distinguished powerful person like you once more. I bend the knee of a deep reverence in your presence.”


Johon Jacobreisi (German Philosopher)


“People learning a bit Arabic cannot distinguish the Qur’an and irony. But if those were listened to impressive and fluent Quran recitation that electrifies the believers, and heard the mind-boggling tongue Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) used while reciting Qur'an to his companions, they would prostrate themselves before Allah (swt) and all of them would say: "Oh Rasulallah! Hold our hands and do not deprive us of the privilege of involvement to your Ummah."


H. Leider (British Wise)


"Kids of Islam was starting to their education with Qur'an. Because Qur'an is the source of all worldly and religious virtues. But besides all these religious schools (maktabs), there were theological schools called madrasah in which -again with the inspiration of the Qur'an- philosophy and wisdom (hikmah) were studied. Afterwards these madrasahs became universities. That is the reason why the corners of Africa calling the world's darkest points in that time were much more advanced in respect of tangible developments than the European countries of the same ages."


Edmond (British Politician)


"As we sift through Qur'an, we identify Its perfection and highness. Qur'an, at first attracts man, then boggles his mind, next arouses a passion in him, makes him obligated to show itself respect and therefore influences everyone deeply."


Dr. Maurice Bucaille (Head of Surgery Clinics, Paris University


"In the light of modern science, when Qur'an is examined in a completely objective way, as stated many times, the agreement between these two will be noticed. It is unimaginable that a person at the time of Prophet Muhammad, with the knowledge of that day, was a writer owning such statements. These statements show the uniqueness of Qur'an and oblige impartial scientists to accept their failure in bringing an explanation based on materialistic reasons."


Prof. Joe Leigh Simpson (Gynaecology, Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics)


"In my opinion, there is no conflict between genetics and religion. Contrarily, religion can lead the science by adding revelation to some traditional scientific approaches; that these revelations are the words Quran have and it has been shown that even after years they are legitimate. And this information utility in Quran is from Allah (swt). "


Carlyle (American Philosopher)


"The truths of the Quran, since the time they emerged, have engulfed all religions like a fire.

This was as a matter of fact deserved by It. Because the superstitions of Christians and Jews came to nothing."


Dr. City Youngest (Arabic and English Literature Specialist)


"Quran is one of the most major books people benefitted from. In the Quran, a great person's manners are seen in the most obvious way.


When Carlyle said "The loftiness of Quran is in its world-wide truth.” no doubt he was right. The Quran is the source of doctrines of faith and morality and the principles that provide people with hidayah (the right path) and prosperity in life. In these principles the most important one is to believe Mighty and Lofty Allah (swt) who holds the whole destiny of the realm. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Statements from Western Thinkers about Quran"




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