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 Stories in the Quran

I've heard that there is story in the Quran about a bad character barber caste girl marring a gujjar caste man. If this is correct, please advice me what surah number and verse the story is.


In the Holy Quran, there are two kinds of stories.
First kind is the “

qasas-ul anbiya

” that can be translated as “the stories of the prophets” and the second one is “the stories of the previous nations”.
For instance, you can read surat-u Qasas to learn about Prophet Moses, surat-u Abraham about Prophet Abraham, surat-u Saffat about Abraham, Moses, Dawud, Ishaq, Yunus, Ilyas; surat-u Sa’d about Dawud, Sulayman et cetera.
The story of Prophet Yusuf is called “

ahsan-ul qasas

” the best of the stories”. It mentions the life of the prophet Yusuf, story between Yusuf, his brothers and his father, Prophet Yaqup and the story between Yusuf and Zulayha who was in love with him and how He sought refuge in Allah to protect him from the carnal desires of Zulayha . You can read “Surat-u Yusuf” to learn further.
The second type is the

stories of the previous nations

like Jallut (Goliath), Talut, Dwellers of the Cave, Dhul Qarnayn, Maryam (Mary, Prophet Jesus’s mother), Aasiya (Pharaoh's wife), some events happened at the time of Prophet Muhammad and et cetera.
However, there isn’t a story of a bad character barber caste girl marrying a gujjar caste man in the Quran. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Stories in the Quran

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