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 What Does Ragaib Mean?

Can you give information about the word “ragaib”?


Ragaib is an Arabic word which derives from an Arabic root “ragabe”. Ragabe literally means “willing something, desiring, tending towards it and striving to have it.” he word “ragaib” is a noun derived from “ragabe” and means “something that is demanded, desired and esteemed”.”the muannath (feminine gender) form of it is “ragiba” and the plural form of ragiba is “ragaib” which is the origin of the name of blessed night “Laylat-ul Ragaib”.

The word “ragaib” is not mentioned in the Holy Quran, however various words derived from “ragabe” is mentioned eight times in the Quran fort he meanings of “ragabe”. (Baqara, 130; Nisa, 127; Tawba, 59,120; Maryam, 46; Anbiya, 90; Qalam, 32; Inshirah, 8) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Does Ragaib Mean?  

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